Friday, July 24, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Here...

...and I'm still suckin' air... I haven't had a home computer for a while, so my blogging days have been put on hold for a little bit. But I have PLENTY coming soon, so keep checking back! I will also be re-posting a new download link for my "Gravitron" album, as well as any other links that might be expired.

If you haven't yet, check out my blog page for my Something Weird project! there you will find a couple of really trippy instrumental EPs, as well as various song lyrics & poems I have written.

I promise to keep you all informed. Please bear with me and be patient.

Alien love to you ALL!

-DavidT :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



1. Urinal Cake
2. Aliens Have Nipples Too!
3. Customer Service
4. Mine Eyes
5. Once More
6. Conda
7. Gravitron
8. Cheerleaders On Mescaline
9. Cheerleader Autopsy
*10. SOMETHING WEIRD - Cronin (Abstraction)

Here's my newest album! It isn't 100% mastered yet, but you will definitely get the general effect!!! This one is a tad bit less dance-y than some of the stuff on the EPs. I did a lot of experimenting on this one, and concentrated on buildups, breakdowns, and weird, weird sounds!
Don't get me wrong, this could rock a dancefloor, but this album is most definitely meant to be listened to as well as grooved to. There is a wide variety of styles on here, from Ambient/Deep Dub to Dark Psychedelic Trance/Goa, and all of the stops in between!

* Track 10 is the very first of my "Something Weird" songs! It is a short, instrumental abstract ambient piece.

I am in no way affiliated with Something Weird Video.

Movies sampled in this album: Bloodsucking Freaks, House On The Edge Of The Park, Crinoline Head, Snuff Strangler, Earth Girls Are Easy, Something Weird, and The Evil Dead 2 theatrical trailer!

256 Bitrate (except track 10 - 320 Bitrate)

"One big happy booby family!" (download album here) - **DOWNLOAD LINK EXPIRED. IT WILL BE REPLACED SOON!



Saturday, February 2, 2008



1. Smack (Orginal)
2. Smack 3: Shock-O-Rama!
3. Cry, You Ugly Bastard
4. The Treasure Room
5. Lesbian Seagull
6. The Infamous Techno Murders
7. Cronin
8. Lulu's Strap-On Blues

I totally forgot about these tracks! I didn't use any of them on my previous albums, and I don't know why, because most of them are pretty damn good. Don't be discouraged by the ultra-low bitrate on some of these files. If I put it any higher it might blow your speakers, if not your eardrums! :-P

There's some really crazy stuff on here (and some really naughty stuff, too)! I hope you can handle the mental meltdown! B.Y.O.S. - Bring Your Own Straight-jacket!

*Track 1 is my very first song ever! It was originally called "Toxie's Nuclear Nightmare", and was originally intended for a contest from Troma, but eventually got scrapped. This song is awesome, but you can kind of tell it was my first song, if you know what I mean...

**Movies sampled on this collection: Cheerleader Camp, Crinoline Head, The Infamous Bondage Murders, Duck! The Carbine High Massacre, and Something Weird.

"Personal demons terrorized her soul." (download album here)

Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I heard a while ago that the amusement park in my hometown, Tulsa, OK, has been shut down. I have spent many many days there throughout my entire life, and have ridden every ride literally hundreds (some maybe even thousands!) of times. I will greatly miss this place, for it is has been a huge part of my life.

So to celebrate all of my (and millions of others') memories, I am posting some videos I found on youtube. I have dozens of my childhood home videos of this place that I may pilfer through and post some clips from as well.

If you haven't been there, you should still check these out! I think you'll really enjoy them!

Take A Ride On The Zingo!

Take A Ride On The Phantasmagoria


A Sad Goodbye :-(

Friday, January 25, 2008


"Angela's Acid' [EP] (2006)

1. Angela's Acid
2. Em ot Emoc
3. Funky Punky
4. Angela's Acid (Overdose)

EP #4 - My Sleepaway Camp 2 tribute!! Insane stuff on the verge of dark psytrance, with hefty hefty pounding beats, dark, rolling bass lines, and mind-erasing sound effects! Possibly my darkest and hardest album to date.

Track one is a mini jaunt into madness, a la loco music and samples from the film 'Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers'. Features a backwards rendition of the beloved "Happy Camper Song"! Enjoy!

Track two is sort of a cross between Eat Static and Aphex Twin. With maybe a bit of Autechre thrown in there as well... I don't know... Maybe not. That's for you to decide. I say it sounds like ME, but some people like to have a comparison... >:-P The name is from a He-Man cartoon.

Track three is my audial raping of 80's childhood icon, Punky Brewster. The bass is a bit heavy, and I apologize, but I unfortunately lost this studio file, along with Chloroform Victim Support Group, and a couple of others, so this is the best version we will ever have :-(

Track four is another favorite of mine! This is the REAL version of Angela's Acid, the original just sort of being a cock-tease... This features a very scary version (backwards and forwards - at the same time, and slowed waaay down) of the "Happy Camper Song", But musically this is a dance floor MONSTER! The sample at the end is from the film "Duck! The Carbine High Massacre".

320 Bitrate

"Don't forget the hand movements!" (download album here)

inspirational poster by The Otaku Athiest


DAVID TOTTY - "Mundae Sundae" [EP] (2006)

1. Mundae Sundae
2. Mundae Morning
3. Debbie Rochon + On + On
4. A Tiny Prick....

My 3rd EP is an homage to 2 of my favorite b-movie actresses, Misty Mundae (Erin Brown), and Debbie Rochon. This is where my music started taking a turn to the more dancefloor styles of techno, but still with that weird, twisted feel to it.

The first track is a strong dose of hi-fi sci-fi, which sort of feels like a cross between 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and Seduction Cinema, with elements of 'Earth Girls Are Easy' thrown in... Very very trippy, and kind of pounding at times. Movies sampled: "Roxanna" and "That 70's Girl".

The second track is more of a companion piece than a remix of the first track. This one is super ambient, with circling synths and really funny movie samples from the film "Sin Sisters". People compare this song to 'Future Sound of London' all the time. I guess I can see that a little bit.

Track 3 is my homage to Debbie Rochon! I was stoked about this track, because the first person to ever hear this song was Debbie herself, via myspace! She was totally thrilled and even posted a blog about it on her page! If every one else in the world hates this song, it is still worth it, because Ms. Rochon liked it! Movie samples from "American Nightmare", except the sample at the end is from the non-Debbie film, 'Pep Squad'.

Track 4 is honestly a track I started and finished in less than 6 hours. I really liked how it turned out, and kind of dug the simplicity of it, so I slapped it on the end of this EP. The name refers to a needle prick, but I guess the other reference is pretty funny too...

320 Bitrate

"You gave me a taste, baby... And I liked it!" (download album here)



1. Chloroform
2. Smack (dub)
3. The Chloroform Victim Support Group

Here's my second EP, which is definitely my deepest and dubbiest one. These tracks were inspired by my brief fascination with underground fetish horror/exploitation flicks, a la "Factory 2000" and "WAVE productions"... Not nearly as demented as it sounds though, because most of them were portrayed as campy comedies, and had absolutely no sex in them whatsoever... Which is either a relief, or a bummer, depending on your outlook....

Anyway, the first track is the fastest, sort of tipping the hat to old-school techno-trance. I really like the bells in this one, they really get to my head. I used the same pattern on my newest album, "Gravitron", but incorporated totally differently... The sample at the end is from the film "Going Under (part 1)".

The second track is a dub remix of a song originally called "Toxie's Nuclear Nightmare" (my first song ever!), that I originally planned to enter into a contest from Troma Studios that I heard about a long long time ago, but for some reason scrapped it. After the contest was over, and the song they chose was complete crap, I pulled it out and remixed it, turning it into one of my deadliest tracks yet!!!

The third track is super super spacey!!! Wicked-heavy bass lines, and those damn trippy-ass bells! This, of course is a remix of track one, and is not mastered as well as I would have liked it. I lost the studio file, unfortunately, so this is all we will ever have for this song :-( If it were mastered a just a little bit better, this would probably be my all-time favorite track I made.

320 Bitrate

"Get out of here with your f*cking chloroform, and your f*cking gun! We didn't invite you to our slumber party!" (download here)

"DAISY" (EP) 2006

DAISY (EP) 2006

1. Daisy
2. Disco Bloodbath
3. Son of Daisy

My very first EP, recorded in 2006. It's uber-experimental, dubby-techno weirdo-weirdness!!!

The first track, "Daisy", is musically inspired by a trip to Oktoberfest whilst on way too much acid, and having had to endure the chicken-dance. But REALLY this is a morbidly silly pro-choice ditty about abortion! Yee-haw! Samples from the movie "I Was A Teenage Strangler".

The second track, "Disco Bloodbath", is one of my all-time favorite songs that I have made. It is very eerie, slow, and psychedelic. It has a very spooky, yet pretty, atmosphere that I still am not sure how I captured, but am glad I did!

The third track, "Son of Daisy", is a bumpin' club mix of track one! I honestly didn't know if a "club" version (and I use that term extremely loosely) would work, but sure as shit, it did! I actually prefer this version to the original! This one is actually pretty damn spacey!

256 Bitrate

"It's a little bit bloody, but you can take off the blindfold if you want now." (download here)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Welcome to my music blog, friends!

I am an electronic musician and horror filmmaker. Sometimes I even combine the two. I am as of yet unsigned, so I figured that I would let everyone download my music for free! It will be a good way to get my name out there, I guess. But keep in mind that all the songs, lyrics and videos I post on this page are copyrighted!

I hope you all enjoy these, and find something unique and interesting! :-)

*Also, check out my myspace pages:


I will be posting my music videos, short films, photography and artwork as well as my music. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, be it positive or negative, as long as it's honest!